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I am Les, "The Lamboman"

After years of rewarding business ownership, I’d like to share my own streetsmart tips and secrets to success with you.

Lamboman in his Lambo

Whether you are considering starting a business, or you already own a business, knowing how to do things the right way is crucial!

This website describes my own accomplished methods, strategies, and plans of action on buying, starting, operating, and selling a business. I am a living example of how small business dreams can be reached. 

How I ended up as a business person


I do not have a degree in business. As a matter of fact, my degree is in English!

So what did I do with that English Degree? Well, nothing relating to the profession I ended up in. Long story short: I have been an airline pilot for a major U.S. airline since 1987, currently staffed on the Boeing 767 and the Boeing 757.

The job as an airline pilot offered a lot of spare-time between flights. So I decided to invest in my passion for learning new things during my private time. I always wanted to start a business. Many of my friends who were already in business kept telling me that going back to school for a business degree would be a waste of time (and money).

After all, I wasn’t interested in an MBA, since I had no desire to become a corporate executive (to me, that’s just another “yes-person” employee position). My interest was to become an entrepreneur, and not having some higher-up corporate executive (another “yes-person” employee) breathe down my neck. I would only answer to the ONLY boss I would accept. And WHO was that boss? My customers!

I loved my job (and I still do) as an airline pilot. It’s the most rewarding job I could have ever had, in spite of that coming with an employee-label. But, I still wanted to experience business ownership and entrepreneurship too. So with my typical “can-do” attitude, ability to pay extreme attention to details, and multi-tasking abilities acquired from flying jets, a business venture was a go!

The initial advice that got me going towards starting my first business


I was admiring how these people were building solid financial independence for themselves, doing what they loved the most. They gave me a lot of motivation to do the same thing for myself. What did my successful small business brother Freddy, and my friends Steve, Terry, Barbara, and John advice me to do? Interestingly, they all had ONE main thing to say in common:

Learn EVERYTHING possible about business, and STREET-SMART business, in particular.

I started reading about street-smart business, school-book smart business, and learn the proven street-smart business solutions from my successful and experienced friends who would happily teach me how.

What is a street-smart business?


To me it’s simple:

Apply common sense to proved and successful solutions, with knowledge and experience acquired from hard knocks through trial and error.

Every bit and piece of the puzzle of practical business knowledge puts you a step ever closer to successful achievements in every venture you set out to do.

Business background & Experiences

  •  My business experiences include starting several businesses from scratch, buying existing businesses to flip for big profit, as well as buying and owning a major name franchise business.
  • And yes, everything I touched did not always turn into gold. I had my share of business failures too. But I was always very smart about business. I never “lost my pants” financially, because I did everything the right way to prevent the financial side of business failure. I learned early on how to go about starting a business the right way versus the wrong way, to keep financial risk at an absolute minimum. Once I decide to start any new business I always perform painstaking research about that business idea first, BEFORE investing a penny.
  • I cannot emphasize this enough: the reason why I am consistently succeeding in small business is that I apply proven street-smart methods in achieving my results.

The story behind my “Lamboman” name

  •  My blog name, the “Lamboman” nickname, is short for Lamborghini man. In my case, the name “Lamboman” symbolizes how one of my personal goals came true by doing business the right way. One of my dreams was to purchase an exotic dream car.
  •  Years later, after becoming an experienced (and much wiser) business person, that goal came true. Rewarding myself from hard work and continued successful business results, I purchased a Lamborghini with cash, paid for entirely from my net business profits!

What are YOUR business dreams and goals?


I am sure you have hopes and goals for your business dreams like I do. Being an entrepreneur, however, presents a lot of obstacles and challenges.

The methods described in my blog are proven ways to success, which have been working great for me…

Now I am hoping that sharing my many years of successful business practice will benefit YOU!

I love my passion for small business. My blog and website is a great hobby of mine since I love to write.

If I can pass on my knowledge to you succeeding, then, mission accomplished!

p.s. Do you have any comments or questions? Or, perhaps you just want to say hey? Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite… Send me an email.

To contact me:


3016 East Colorado Blvd #70041
Pasadena, CA 91107

Welcome on board!



…What would you do with some of YOUR business results? 

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